Saving our planet,
one step at a time.

How much do we donate?

Open Source Donations 40%

We have published a number of packages for developers to use in their own projects.

Our Total Profits 5%

A small but meaningful part of every dollar we make of our larger products & services.

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How you can help

It takes nothing to switch off a lamp, unplug the phone charger, take a shorter shower, cook without pre-heating the oven, skip the pre-wash part of the dishwasher cycle, or, often, walk or bike instead of drive.

Check out “50 Ways to Help the Planet”
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Only purchase hardware that’s
made of 100% recycled aluminum.

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Donate to a charity

By donating you can help other people, animals and even our planet.

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Be cautious

Be cautious about your water and electricity usage.